The time has finally come. Get ready for the top of Fenworks competition with all the schools in your state! Browse this page for all the information you'll need to know regarding your state tournament.


Registration will begin on Friday, March 22, at 8:00 am at Club 71. Club 71 will open to the general public at 9:30 am. We will have tables at the entrance to register students and teams. Opening ceremonies will begin at 10:00 am.

We will have a bag for each student participant at the registration table with a jersey, name tag, and some fun swag!


Fenworks and South Dakota State will provide the computer setup for all players. This setup includes a computer, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and headset. 

Fenworks allows and strongly suggests players bring their personal peripherals so they feel more comfortable playing.
  This extends to mice, keyboards, controllers, and headsets. Players should not bring monitors or consoles. It is strongly suggested that you bring your own controller if you require a controller. Please ensure you have the correct connecter to be used on a PC and that the controller is compatible with a PC. If a player brings a controller, ensure the controller's cord is also brought as Bluetooth is not guaranteed to work. 

For all equipment a student brings, they should be ready to set up their equipment promptly. They cannot download hardware/drivers/etc. All outside equipment will be inspected by Fenworks staff before use in tournament play. Please be prepared to use the supplied equipment if personal equipment doesn't work.

account info

For all titles, players should be prepared to alter any settings/keybindings they’ll need (in-game) if they are not carried over from their primary account. Players must have their account information ready to be used to log into the games. Information about each specific game can be found below. 

Be prepared to verify your login if you have to. This might be in the form of email confirmation or phone confirmation. Make sure you have access to your email and phone number.

Chess will not be held online at the State Tournament. Physical boards will be used. Fenworks will provide all chess boards and clocks.  

League of Legends 
Players will need their Riot ID Login Information 

Rocket League 
Players will need their Epic Games Login Information 
Console players must make an Epic Games account and link it to their console account. Follow this guide to this:

If a player does not have an Epic Games login, they can follow these instructions to make one linked to their account 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
No login is needed; however, the students should know the controller scheme and be able to create it quickly


All brackets will be played in a single elimination format.
For the season rulesets, please click here

First to 2 points for all matches. Unlike the season, teams will compete over a physical board. The time control will be the same as the season, 10 minutes with a 3-second interval bonus time. Points will be awarded: draw 0.5 pt, win 1 pt. In the event both players tie at 2 points, they will continue to play until a winner is decided.

High seed gets white first.

League of legends

Best of 3 matches. Standard regular season rules. 5v5 summoner’s rift.

High seed is blue (left) team first (first ban/first pick).

Rocket League

Best of 5 matches with the championship match as a best of 7. Standard regular season rules. 3v3 soccar.

Super Smash bros ultimate

Best of 5 matches with the championship match as a best of 7. Standard regular season rules.

High seed will determine the starter stage for game 1. Low seed will pick their character first allowing high seed to counter pick if they want. 

Loser of the previous game gets to pick the next stage. Winner of the previous game will choose their character first. 


Fenworks can’t say enough good things about our sponsors. Their support means SO much to us. If you don’t know them yet, you’re going to want to stop in for a visit, follow them on the socials, and support them in any way you can! 
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