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Discover how Fenworks' esports and drone racing programs can enhance student engagement, improve academic performance, and foster a strong sense of belonging within your school community.
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Students trying out racing drones

Inclusion Matters

At Fenworks, we want to create opportunities for each and every student to thrive. Our Esports and Drone Racing programs offer a unique way for students to engage and excel. By incorporating these activities into your school, you'll not only find improvements in student morale but also see tangible benefits such as increased GPAs and increased camaraderie among players. Contact us today to discover how Fenworks can bring a new kind of engagement to your students. 

Start a Program

We understand the importance of convincing school boards of new and exciting initiatives. Our team is here to support you in presenting the value and benefits of Esports and Drone Racing to your board. We'll supply the necessary materials and expertise to showcase the positive impact Fenworks has on student engagement, academic performance, and school culture. 

Hear from Educators

We interviewed schools that had participated in Fenworks activities and here’s what they had to say!

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Unleash the full potential of your school and discover the positive effects of Esports and Drone Racing. Find out more about what Fenworks can offer for your students.
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Hear from other administrators and educators that have worked with us and seen the impacts of Fenworks at their schools! 

Dennis Abernathy

"The amount of money to provide esports through Fenworks is miniscule compared to some of the programs schools already run... Why wouldn’t we want to provide that to another group, especially for the low cost?"

Kain Schow

"Fenworks gave an opportunity to those kids who don’t always want to be in football, basketball, baseball—the sports that most high schools have. It’s something different for them."
Cassie Gerhardt Headshot

Cassie Gerhardt

I know many of the people that work with Fenworks, and I have faith in the individuals who lead Fenworks. I know the type of people they are and how ethical they are. They are running a program that’s not just about video games. That’s the vehicle through which they’re trying to provide an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, collaboration skills, and responsibility.
Bradley Parish Headshot

Bradley Parrish

I really noticed it was a way for my kids to show their school spirit and school pride in a way that was along with or instead of traditional sports.
Dr Jill Louters Headshot

Dr. Jill Louters

Research suggests that in the next five years, 60% of jobs in the world will require tech skills. So where do you get those skills? Some of that comes through esports, which entails not just the analysis, the cognitive thinking, and technical skill, but also the networking and teamwork that occurs online. These are essential skills!
Tiffany Schroeer Headshot

Tiffany Schroeer

We don't have to understand how esports works and how video games work to know that this is important to them and they're practicing leadership and communication.
Christi Stoll Headshot

Christi Stoll

It's not just about playing video games; it's about learning new things, learning about technology, and all of the other things that go along with technology.

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