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Welcome to Fenworks, where we use Esports and Drone Racing to create a community-driven experience that propels students into the future of digital competition and STEM education. 
Let's go!

How it works.

It starts with Technology

Our programs provide participants with an unparalleled competitive experience. Through our online platform, we ensure every thrilling moment comes with convenience.  

Creating a Community

Our programs give a place for anyone to participate in our competitive leagues. We believe that Esports and Drone Racing truly allow any person to be the best. Through competition, students forge a community and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Get involved

You can get involved and make a difference. Whether you’re an outgoing student, a supportive parent, an eager educator, or a collaborative partner, we have ways for everyone to play a part.
Highschool kids engaged in an esports tournament


Immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of esports, where virtual worlds collide with real-world skills. Engage in exhilarating team battles and strategic decision-making. Be a part of a community that is future focused on redefining what it means to compete in the digital age.

Cultivate Teamwork

Our programs cultivate collaboration and strategic thinking, as players work together to achieve victory.

Engage in Critical Thinking

During the heat of competition, students must strategize and split-second decisions while the match evolves.

Expand Adaptability

Through ever-changing scenarios, competitors must adjust strategies and solve problems to achieve the best possible result.  

Esports State Tournament!

See how esports brings students together with common interests and creates a tight-knit, inclusive community with a recap from one of our biggest events of the year!
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Kid Preparing for Drone Racing Tournament

Drone Racing

Take to the skies and explore the exciting universe of Drone Racing. Unlock the limitless possibilities of STEM education while practicing the art of flight.

Journey into Technology

Students gain hands-on drone experience, forming a deeper understanding of STEM concepts that prepares them for the future.

Test Innovation

Drones allow students to apply their technical skills in a real-world context, pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Develop Problem-Solving skills

Racers are faced with complex courses that require analytical thinking and consistency to find the fastest path for completion.

Drone Racing Tournament!

Experience the excitement of piloting drones through challenging courses and a supportive community with this recap of our first ever drone racing tournament!
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Ready to give your students an edge in STEM education? Fenworks brings the excitement of esports and drone racing to your high school. Compete with your neighboring districts who have already joined the pack. 

Dennis Abernathy

Principal of Warroad High School
"The amount of money to provide esports through Fenworks is miniscule compared to some of the programs schools already run... Why wouldn’t we want to provide that to another group, especially for the low cost?"

Kain Schow

GM for Norman County East
"Fenworks gave an opportunity to those kids who don’t always want to be in football, basketball, baseball—the sports that most high schools have. It’s something different for them."

Cassie Gerhardt

UND Associate VP
I know many of the people that work with Fenworks, and I have faith in the individuals who lead Fenworks. I know the type of people they are and how ethical they are. They are running a program that’s not just about video games. That’s the vehicle through which they’re trying to provide an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, collaboration skills, and responsibility.

Bradley Parrish

I really noticed it was a way for my kids to show their school spirit and school pride in a way that was along with or instead of traditional sports.

Dr. Jill Louters

Research suggests that in the next five years, 60% of jobs in the world will require tech skills. So where do you get those skills? Some of that comes through esports, which entails not just the analysis, the cognitive thinking, and technical skill, but also the networking and teamwork that occurs online. These are essential skills!

Tiffany Schroeer

Empowering Kids Executive Director
We don't have to understand how esports works and how video games work to know that this is important to them and they're practicing leadership and communication.

Christi Stoll

Christi Stoll
It's not just about playing video games; it's about learning new things, learning about technology, and all of the other things that go along with technology.