Fenworks is at the forefront of the thrilling Esports landscape. Our distinctive Esports program invites students to immerse themselves in competitive gaming, cultivate problem-solving abilities, and promote collaboration. Through structured tournaments, tactical coaching, and spirited competition, we enable students to delve into their enthusiasm for gaming and technology, acquiring invaluable skills that pave the way for college prospects. Become part of the expanding Pack of schools that are adopting Esports and Drone Racing, and unveil fresh opportunities for your students.
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Improve Your Game

Are you interested in providing your students with an enriching esports experience that not only entertains but educates them on a competitive level? At Fenworks, we offer precisely that, coupled with top-notch coaching to guide your teams to victory.

 Elevate your students' esports journey with Fenworks Coaching. Experience the perfect blend of entertainment and education through our comprehensive program, guided by expert coaches specializing in various game titles. Unlock students; full potential and achieve victory with flexible scheduling tailored to your needs.
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Cassie Gerhardt Headshot

Cassie Gerhardt

UND Associate VP
I know many of the people that work with Fenworks, and I have faith in the individuals who lead Fenworks. I know the type of people they are and how ethical they are. They are running a program that’s not just about video games. That’s the vehicle through which they’re trying to provide an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, collaboration skills, and responsibility.
Bradley Parish Headshot

Bradley Parrish

I really noticed it was a way for my kids to show their school spirit and school pride in a way that was along with or instead of traditional sports.
Dr Jill Louters Headshot

Dr. Jill Louters

Research suggests that in the next five years, 60% of jobs in the world will require tech skills. So where do you get those skills? Some of that comes through esports, which entails not just the analysis, the cognitive thinking, and technical skill, but also the networking and teamwork that occurs online. These are essential skills!
Tiffany Schroeer Headshot

Tiffany Schroeer

Empowering Kids Executive Director
We don't have to understand how esports works and how video games work to know that this is important to them and they're practicing leadership and communication.
Christi Stoll Headshot

Christi Stoll

Christi Stoll
It's not just about playing video games; it's about learning new things, learning about technology, and all of the other things that go along with technology.

Career Pathways

The esports industry offers various career pathways, including professional gaming, coaching, event management, broadcasting, marketing, graphic design, and more. By fostering esports programs, educators can prepare students for potential careers in this rapidly expanding field.

College Scholarships

Numerous colleges and universities now offer esports scholarships as part of their athletic programs, providing opportunities for talented student gamers to pursue higher education while participating in organized esports competitions.

Career Pathways

Competitive gaming requires strategic thinking, problem-solving, decision-making under pressure, and quick reflexes. Esports can help develop cognitive skills and enhance critical thinking abilities.

Student Engagement

Student Engagement: Esports appeals to a wide range of students, including those who may not participate in traditional sports or extracurricular activities. It provides an avenue for engagement and socialization, leveraging students’ passion for gaming.

Rapid Growth

Esports has experienced significant growth in recent years, with global revenues expected to surpass $1.1 billion in 2023. It has become a mainstream industry, attracting large audiences and investment.

Rapid Growth

High school esports programs have seen a 225% increase in participation in the last three years.

Rapid Growth

The esports industry is projected to generate over $1.5 billion in revenue by 2023.

Rapid Growth

Esports has experienced exponential growth, with a global audience of over 500 million viewers.


• Prepare your team on the Fenworks Discord server for coaching sessions.
• Personalized lesson plans tailored to each team's needs and areas of improvement.
• Encourage teams to provide a list of focus areas for targeted instruction.
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Booking Your Coach

Discover how to book an experienced coach from our team, who will guide your students to victory and help them hone their skills in this rapidly growing field. Our coaches specialize in various game titles and offer personalized lesson plans tailored to each team's needs. With flexible scheduling and a focus on specific game skills and strategies, our coaching program is designed to give your students a competitive edge while enhancing their collaborative and strategic thinking skills. Contact us today to learn more about how our coaching program can benefit your students and elevate their esports journey.
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West Fargo Success Story: Rise to the Top with Coaching

Meet Jakob Semerad, one of our extraordinary 2023 Season Rocket League Coaches, whose expert guidance and unwavering dedication propelled a West Fargo player to an astonishing achievement. Within a mere two weeks of consistent training, this player soared from Diamond 3 to Champion 3, catapulting into the top 8% of players. Experience the transformative power of Jakob's personalized coaching style and profound game knowledge. Elevate your gameplay, seize this opportunity to learn from the best, and unleash your true potential!
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