Exploring Career Opportunities in Emerging Fields: UAS

Wahpeton North Dakota student perfecting drone flight and maneuvering skills within the designated drone cage track course in preparation for the upcoming drone racing competition.

Ah, the thrill of high school years, where each day seems to vanish in the blink of an eye! As you prepare to take flight into the next chapter of your life, let’s talk about some unique career paths that can lead you on adventure while harnessing the power of STEM and aviation interests.  

Unleash Your Inner Maverick as a Drone Pilot: 

If you dream of commanding the skies with precision and skill, becoming a Drone Pilot might be the perfect fit. As a skilled operator, you’ll navigate drones with finesse, capturing breathtaking aerial footage, conducting essential surveys for industries like agriculture, and even assisting in disaster management and search-and-rescue missions. Picture yourself steering through the open skies, making a difference in various fields, and exploring landscapes from a bird’s-eye view. The best part? A college degree might not be necessary to kickstart this thrilling career. Many companies offer on-the-job training, allowing you to take flight right after high school! 

Architect of the Skies: Drone Engineer: 

For those who prefer their feet planted firmly on the ground, yet their minds soar with innovation, a career as a Drone Engineer awaits! As a mastermind behind drone technology, you’ll design, develop, and improve the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles. From creating sleek and efficient frames to enhancing flight algorithms and camera stabilization systems, you’ll shape the future of drones and their applications across various industries. Armed with a degree in engineering, you’ll embark on an adventure of innovation, pushing the boundaries of drone technology. 

Survey the Skies: Aerial Surveyor: 

Are you an adventurer at heart with a love for maps and land exploration? As an Aerial Surveyor, you’ll become a modern-day cartographer, charting unexplored territories from above. With drones as your trusty companions, you’ll conduct topographical surveys, monitor construction progress, and assess agricultural landscapes with unmatched precision. No two days will be the same as you explore diverse terrains and gather data to support critical decision-making processes. 

Elevate Emergency Response: Drone Emergency Responder: 

For the heroes among us, who thrive on adrenaline and making a positive impact during crises, a career as a Drone Emergency Responder awaits! Imagine being on the frontline during natural disasters or emergency situations, deploying drones to scout hazardous areas, deliver medical supplies, or perform life-saving searches. As a Drone Emergency Responder, your swift actions and technical expertise will play a crucial role in saving lives and aiding communities in times of need. 

As you prepare to take flight into the world of drones, consider reaching out to local companies in the drone industry for job shadowing opportunities. Job shadowing can offer valuable insights into daily work routines, team dynamics, and the real-world application of your interests. So, if you’re ready to embrace the thrilling world of drones, combining your passion for STEM and aviation interests, let your imagination soar, and embark on an exciting journey that is limited only by the vastness of the skies with Fenworks